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1997 prelude TYPESH 2 DOOR 5MT P.S. PUMP diagram
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hanger, enginep/s pump (rmd)(american showa)pump sub-assy., power steeringp/s pump (rmd)(american showa)pump sub-assy., power steeringjoint, in.spacer, pump sealpulley, power steering pumpbelt, power steering pump (mitsuboshi)bracket, power steering pumpbolt, power steering pump adjustingbolt-washer (8x85)stay, power steering pump adjusterbolt, power steering pump adjustingnut-washer (8mm)nut, power steering pulleycirclip (inner) (40mm)bearing, radial ball (17x40x12)seal, power steering pumpo-ring (13.0x1.9)o-ring (15.2x2.4)o-ring (51.0x2.4)nut, plate basedbolt, flange (6x14)bolt, flange (6x20)bolt, flange (8x28)bolt, flange (10x50)bolt, flange (10x50)bolt, flange (10x50)o-ring (15.2x2.4)
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