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1998 civic GX 4 DOOR 4AT REAR DOOR LOCKS diagram
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stopper a, handle (outer)handle assy., r. inside *nh178l*bush, jointstriker assy., door lockknob, inside door lock *nh178l*snap (violet)snap (natural)tube, protectorsnap, r.handle assy., l. inside *nh178l*holder, door lock rodsnap, l.lock assy., r. rr. dooractuator assy., r. rr. door locksnap (natural)protector, r. rr. door lockcrank assy., rr. door lockrod, r. rr. inside handlerod, r. rr. door lockrod, rr. door lock knobhandle assy., r. rr. door (outer)lock assy., l. rr. dooractuator assy., l. rr. door lockprotector, l. rr. door lockrod, l. rr. insiderod, l. rr. door lockhandle assy., l. rr. door (outer)jointscrew (3x10)screw, tappingbolt, lock strikergrommet, screw (4mm)clip, rr. panel lining *nh167l*clip, connector (orange)bolt-washer (6x12)screw, flat (6x28)screw, tapping (3x6)screw, tapping (3x8)screw, tapping (6x12)washer, plain (3mm)
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