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1999 cr-v LX(4WD) 5 DOOR 5MT INSTRUMENT PANEL diagram
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airbag assy., passenger *nh264l*holder b, steering columnstopper, glove box lidcap, instrument panel staypanel, instrument (upper) *nh264l*panel, instrument center *nh264l*frame comp.bracket, driver cover (lower)bracket (lower)bracket, driver ductbracket, instrument centerplate aplate bcover assy., driver instrumentside *nh264l*cover assy., passenger instrument side *nh264l*garnish assy., r. fr. defroster *nh264l*garnish assy., l. fr. defroster *nh264l*seal, fr. instrumentframe, glove boxbracket assy., passenger supportabsorber, r. (passenger side)absorber, l. (passenger side)bolster, driver kneeabsorber, r. sideabsorber, l. sideholder, connector (2p)bolt-washer (10x60)bolt-washer (8x25)screw, evatite (4x16)bolt-washer (8x25)nut, spring (4mm)nut, spring (4mm)nut-washer (6mm)clip, garnish (kato)clip, garnish (kato)clip, rr. panel lining *nh264l*grommet, screw (4mm)grommet, screw (4mm)grommet, screw (4mm)bolt-washer (5x12)bolt-washer (6x12)bolt-washer (6x12)bolt-washer (6x12)bolt-washer (6x12)bolt-washer (6x12)bolt-washer (8x35)bolt-washer (8x25)screw-washer (5x10)screw-washer (5x10)screw, tapping (4x16)screw, tapping (4x16) (po)screw, tapping (4x16) (po)screw, tapping (4x16) (po)screw, tapping (4x16) (po)screw, tapping (4x16) (po)bolt, flange (8x25)tag, passenger srs caution (child seat)
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