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pipe, top clutchshaft, shift forkcap (12mm)cap (12mm)cap (14mm)seat, valve springbody assy., servoplate, servo separatingclip, capclip, capclip, cappiston, top accumulatorpiston, top accumulatorspring, top accumulatorspring, top accumulatorcover, top accumulatorbolt, flange (6x115)bolt, flange (6x115)o-ring (21.2x2.4) (arai)o-ring (21.2x2.4) (arai)o-ring (31x2.7) (arai)pin, dowel (8x14)pin, dowel (8x14)bolt, flange (6x20)bolt, flange (6x35)bolt, flange (6x55)bolt, flange (6x55)bolt, flange (6x65)
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