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2000 accord SE-UL 4 DOOR 4AT PILLAR GARNISH diagram
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seal, r. fr. door opening *yr169l*seal, l. fr. door opening *yr169l*seal, r. rr. door opening *yr169l*seal, l. rr. door opening *yr169l*lining, r. cowl side *yr164l*lining, l. cowl side *yr164l*garnish assy., r. fr. pillar *yr169l*garnish assy., r. center pillar (upper) *yr169l*lining, r. center pillar (lower) *yr164l*garnish assy., r. rr. pillar *yr169l*garnish assy., l. fr. pillar *yr169l*garnish assy., l. center pillar (upper) *yr169l*lining, l. center pillar (lower) *yr164l*garnish assy., l. rr. pillar *yr169l*clip, garnish (kato)clip, garnish (kato)clip, pillar garnish (black)clip, pillar garnish (black)clip, door lining (gray)
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