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2000 civic SI 2 DOOR 5MT SHIFT LEVER diagram
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cliplever, changewasher, thrustwasher, thrustbush, rr. jointbush, rr. jointdust seal a, change leverseat, change lever ballholder, change ballcollar, pipe mountingcollar, pipe mountingdust seal b, changecollar, rr. jointrod, changeextension, changerubber, extension mountingstopper, extension mountingbolt, extensionnut, self-lock (6mm)nut, self-lock (8mm) (clinch)pin, spring (8x22)o-ring (11x1.9) (nok)o-ring (11x1.9) (nok)o-ring (11x1.9) (nok)o-ring (11x1.9) (nok)bolt, hex. (8x50)bolt-washer (8x40)washer, plain (6mm)bolt, flange (8x18)bolt, flange (8x18)knob, change lever (lea)rubber, extension endwasher a, extension endwasher b, extension end
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