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2000 civic SI 2 DOOR 5MT DOOR LOCK diagram
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switch assy., auto door locklock assy., r. fr. doorsnap (brown)snap (black)actuator assy., r. fr. door locksnap d (violet)snap (orange)holder, rod (sky blue)protector, r. door lockholder, rod (yellow)stopper a, handle (outer)handle assy., r. fr. inside *nh264l*ring, handle (outer)case, r. inside handle *nh264l*protector, r. fr. door handlerod, r. fr. inside handlerod, r. fr. inside lockrod, r. rr. inside lockbush, handle joint (outer)striker assy., door locksnap (violet)protector, r. fr. door rodhandle assy., r. fr. door (outer) *r81*handle assy., r. fr. door (outer) *nh592p*handle assy., r. fr. door (outer) *b95p*cylinder, r. doorcylinder, l. doorlock assy., l. fr. dooractuator assy., l. fr. door lockprotector, l. door lockhandle assy., l. fr. inside *nh264l*case, l. inside handle *nh264l*protector, l. fr. door handlerod, l. fr. inside handlerod, l. fr. inside lockrod, l. rr. inside lockcrank assy., lock rodholder (3.5mm)holder (4.0mm)protector, l. fr. door rodhandle assy., l. fr. door (outer) *r81*handle assy., l. fr. door (outer) *nh592p*handle assy., l. fr. door (outer) *b95p*snap (natural)jointscrew (3x10)screw (3x10)screw, tappingbolt, lock strikergrommet, screw (5mm)grommet, screw (5mm)clip, harness band (145.2mm) (natural)clip, harness band (145.2mm) (natural)clip, connector (orange)clip, connector (orange)bolt-washer (6x12)screw, flat (6x28)screw, tapping (3x8)screw, tapping (5x16)screw, tapping (5x16)screw, tapping (3x12)
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