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2000 civic SI 2 DOOR 5MT MT SHIFT ROD - SHIFT HOLDER (DOHC) diagram
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rod, gearshiftboot, shift rodshaft, shift pieceholder assy., changepiece, changeinterlockshim a, select arm (10.1x16x0.8)shim b, select arm (10.1x16x1.0)shim c, select arm (10.1x16x1.2)shim d, select arm (10.1x16x1.4)shim e, select arm (10.1x16x1.6)piece, gearshiftspring, ball settingspring, select returnscrew, ball spring settingbolt, special (6x22.5)bolt, special (6x22.5)bolt, hex. (8x24)washer (10mm)collar, lockwasher, conical spring (8mm)oil seal (14x25x16)pin, spring (3x16)bolt, flange (6x16)ball, steel (#10) (5/16)
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