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mainshaftgear set, mainshaft thirdgear, mainshaft fourthgear, reverse idlegear, mainshaft fifthsleeve set, synchronizer (5)ring, brake stopperring, taper conecollar, distance (31x38x56.5)collar, distance (28x37x14.3)washer, spring (28mm)washer (28mm)washer, drain plug (10mm)washer, drain plug (10mm)bearing, ball (28x78x20)bearing, needle (38x43x26) (ntn)bearing, needle (38x43x26) (ntn)bearing, needle (38x43x26) (ntn)bearing, needle (37x42x14) (toyo)bolt, flange (10x50)bolt, flange (10x50)ring, blocking (50s)spring, synchronizer (50mm)washer, thrust (20x36x2)washer, thrust (20x36x2)collar (15x20x20)shaft, reverse idle gear
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