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2000 cr-v LX(2WD) 5 DOOR 4AT REAR LOWER ARM diagram
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bearing assy., r. rr. hub unitbearing assy., l. rr. hub unitbracket, r. rr. brake hosebracket, l. rr. brake hosespring, rr. stabilizerholder, rr. stabilizerbush, rr. stabilizerlink assy., r. rr. stabilizerlink assy., l. rr. stabilizerarm, rr. compensatorprotector, r. rr. arm (lower)arm, l. rr. (lower)protector, l. rr. arm (lower)arm, r. rr. trailing (abs)arm, l. rr. trailing (abs)arm, r. rr. (upper)bush, arm (upper) (inner) (yamashita)bush, rr. arm (upper) (yusa)arm, l. rr. (upper)nut, flange (10mm)bolt, arm (upper) (10x30)boltbolt, torque compensator (10x59)bolt, torque compensator (10x59)bolt, flange (10x68)bolt, arm (lower) (10x80)bolt, arm (lower) (10x80)bolt, trailing arm bush (12x60)nut, self-lock (10mm)washer (24x10x2.3)o-ring (82.5x1.3)plug, blind (30mm)bolt, flange (8x18)bolt, flange (8x16)shaft, rr. axlenut, spindle (24mm)
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