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2000 insight DX 3 DOOR 5MT INNER PANEL diagram
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sill, r. sidesill, l. sidebase set, r. rr. floor crossmemberpanel set, rr. floorpanel set, rr. middle floorbase set, l. rr. floor crossmemberframe set, r. rr.frame set, l. rr.pillar, r. fr. (lower) (inner)pillar, l. fr. (lower) (inner)reinforcement, r. fr. side sillreinforcement, r. fr. side sill (lower)stiffener, r. center pillarreinforcement, l. fr. side sillreinforcement, l. fr. side sill (lower)stiffener, l. center pillarpillar, r. fr. (inner)reinforcement, r. fr. roof railreinforcement, r. fr. pillar (lower)patch, r. center pillar (lower)plate, r. center pillar (lower)panel, r. rr. insideplate, r. side sillpillar, l. fr. (inner)reinforcement, l. fr. roof railreinforcement, l. fr. pillar (lower)patch, l. center pillar (lower)plate, l. center pillar (lower)panel, l. rr. insideplate, l. side sillfloor, fr.stiffener, r. rr. framestay, r. rr. bumper (b)stiffener, rr. bumper staystiffener, l. rr. framestay, l. rr. bumper (b)crossmember, middle floorcrossmember, rr. floorcrossmember, center pillarbulkhead, r., r. trunk shelfcover, r. fr. floor (lower)stay, r. floor covercover, l. fr. floor (lower)stay, l. floor coverrivet, pop (2.4)stud, weld (15.5mm)bolt, flange (6x20)nut, pierce (6mm) (indent mark:3place)nut, pierce (6mm) (indent mark:2place)nut, pop (6mm)nut, pop (6mm)nut, pop (6mm)nut, pop (6mm)nut, plate (7/16")nut, middle crossmembernut, middle crossmembernut assy., float (10mm)nut assy., patch (8mm) (p=50)nut assy., float (10mm) (l=39)nut assy., float (10mm) (l=39)nut assy., float (10mm) (l=39)nut, door hingenut, pop (m5)nut, pop (m6)nut, pop (m6)nut assy., patch (8mm)nut, plate (6mm)nut, pop (6mm)nut, pop (6mm)
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