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2001 accord VP(SIDE SRS) 4 DOOR 4AT PROTECTOR diagram
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garnish assy., r. side sillgarnish assy., l. side sillprotector, r. fr. door *g87p*protector, r. fr. door *nh623m*protector, r. rr. door *g87p*protector, r. rr. door *nh623m*clip, side protector (b)clip, side protector (b)protector, l. fr. door *g87p*protector, l. fr. door *nh623m*protector, l. rr. door *g87p*protector, l. rr. door *nh623m*nut, spring (5mm)clip, garnishclip, side sill garnish (upper)
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