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2001 civic GX 4 DOOR CVT CVT STARTING CLUTCH diagram
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ring, sealgear assy., secondary driveshaft, controllever, controlholder, parking brake rodpawl, parking brakeshaft, parkingspring, parking pawlsensor assy., positionsensor, positionsensor, positioncap, position sensorbolt, hex. (6mm)bolt, hex. (6mm)cotter (25.5) (2.9) (a)cotter (25.5) (2.9) (a)cotter (25.5) (3.0) (b)cotter (25.5) (3.0) (b)cotter (25.5) (3.1) (c)cotter (25.5) (3.1) (c)cotter (25.5) (3.2) (d)cotter (25.5) (3.2) (d)washer, lock (6mm)retainer, cotterwasher, tongued (6mm)washer, tongued (6mm)washer a, control wirewasher b (0.5mm)circlip, outer (29mm)pin, snap (9mm)oil seal (12x22x7) (arai)bolt-washer (6x30)
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