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2001 civic GX 4 DOOR CVT REAR TRAY - TRUNK GARNISH (CNG) diagram
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bulb, wedge (12v 21w) (stanley)socket (t20w s2)lamp unitpartition, trunktray, rr. *nh361l*cap, r. child anchor (a-1) *nh361l*cap, r. child anchor (a-1) *nh361l*lid assy., trunk floor *nh85l*lining assy., r. trunk side *nh85l*lining assy., rr. panel *nh120l*lining assy., l. trunk side *nh85l*clip, garnish (kato)clip, trim (7mm) *nh120l*clip, trim (7mm) *nh120l*clip, cowl top *nh120l*clip, door lining (natural)clip, rr. panel *nh120l*clip, rr. panel *nh120l*clip, rr. panel *nh120l*plug, belt hole *nh120l*nut, paint cutting (6mm)plug, belt hole *nh120l*
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