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arm a, shiftarm b, shiftarm c, gearshiftinterlockbolt, select springbolt, interlockspring, ball settinglever, selectspring, select returnspring, fifth & reverse selectreturnlever, shiftshaft, shift armarm, selectscrew, ball spring settingbolt, special (8mm)bolt, special (8mm)bolt, special (8mm)washer, thrust (16x30x1.5)washer, thrust (22x32x2)washer, conical spring (8mm)washer, conical spring (8mm)washer, conical spring (8mm)oil seal (16x30x7)dust seal (16x23x5) (nok)washer, drain plug (12mm)pin, spring (5x22)ball, steel (#10) (5/16)
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