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2001 insight DX 3 DOOR CVT FRONT LOWER ARM diagram
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knuckle, r. fr.knuckle, l. fr.boot, ball dust (lower)spring, fr. stabilizer (17.3mmxt3.8)bush, stabilizer holder (17.3)holder, fr. stabilizerlink, r. fr. stabilizerlink, l. fr. stabilizerarm, r. fr. (lower)arm, l. fr. (lower)bracket, r. fr. compliance bushbracket, l. fr. compliance bushcirclip, ball (lower) (musashi)sensor assy., r. fr.sensor assy., l. fr.nut, flange (10mm)bolt, flange (12x115)bolt, flange (12x93.5)bolt, flange (12x68.5)bolt, flange (12x53.5)nut, self-lock (10mm)nut, floating (12mm)nut, castle (12mm)clip, wire harness (110mm) (7mm hole) (green)bolt-washer (6x12)bolt-washer (6x20)pin, split (3.0x25)pin, split (3.0x45)bolt, flange (6x8)bolt, flange (8x16)
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