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2002 cr-v LX(2WD) 5 DOOR 4AT REAR LOWER ARM diagram
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knuckle, l. rr.spring, rr. stabilizerbush, rr. stabilizer holderholder, stabilizer bushlink, r. rr. stabilizerlink, l. rr. stabilizerprotector, rr. arm (lower)bush, rr. arm (lower) (inner)bush a, rr. arm (lower) (outer)bush, rr. arm (lower) (outer)arm, r. rr. trailingtrailing arm compbolt, trailing arm adjustplate, camarm, rr. (upper)bush, rr. arm (upper)arm, rr. (upper)nut, flange (10mm)nut, flange (10mm)nut, self-lock (10mm)nut, self-lock (10mm)nut, lock flange (clinch)bolt, flange (12x75)bolt, flange (12x75)bolt, flange (12x75)bolt, flange (12x81.5)bolt, flange (12x73)cap, valve maintenance hole (40mm)bolt, flange (8x18)
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