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2003 civic LX 2 DOOR 4AT INNER PANEL diagram
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panel set, rr. floorstiffener, r. fr. pillarstiffener, r. fr. pillar (upper)stiffener, r. center pillarreinforcement, r. side sillstiffener, l. fr. pillarstiffener, l. fr. pillar (upper)stiffener, l. center pillarreinforcement, l. side sillpillar, r. fr. (upper) (inner)pillar, r. fr. (lower) (inner)rail, r. roof sidepanel, r. rr. insidewheelhouse, r. rr.pillar, l. fr. (upper) (inner)pillar, l. fr. (lower) (inner)rail, l. roof sidepanel, l. rr. insidewheelhouse, l. rr.floor, fr.sill, r. fr. insidesill, l. fr. insidestiffener, rr. jackbracket a, muffler mountingframe, r. rr.flange, r. rr. frame endbracket, muffler mountingframe b, rr.bracket, rr. bumper beamgusset, r. rr. panelframe, l. rr.flange, l. rr. frame endgusset, l. rr. panelcrossmember, middle floorgusset, r. middle crossmembergusset, l. middle crossmembercrossmember, rr. floor (upper)crossmember, rr. floorshelf, rr. parcelgusset, r. rr. bulkheadgusset, l. rr. bulkheadbolt, flange (6x15)bolt, flange (6x15)bolt, flange (14x26)nut, flange (10mm)pillar, r. fr. (upper) (inner)pillar, l. fr. (upper) (inner)
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