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2004 accord LX 4 DOOR 5MT FUEL INJECTOR (L4) diagram
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injector assy., air assist fuelclip, injectorpipe, fuelinsulator, fuel pipehose a, fuel feedcover b, fuel connector (black)base, injectorgasket, injector basechamber, egrgasket, egr chamberretainer (green) (tokai)retainer (blue green) (tokai)valve, air assisttube, air assist, air assist outletbolt a, engine coverbolt a, engine covero-ring (7.47x3.6)o-ring (7.45x3.61) (nok)o-ring (6.95x1.7)bolt, stud (8x22)bolt, stud (8x22)bolt, stud (8x22)nut, flange (8mm)nut, flange (8mm)bolt, flange (6x25)bolt, flange (8x28)
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