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2004 civic EX(SIDE SRS) 2 DOOR 4AT AT RIGHT SIDE COVER diagram
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cover, r. sidegasket, r. side coverpipe a, feedguide a, feed pipeflange, feed pipepipe c, feedbolt, shaft fork settinglever, parking brakespring, parking brakestopper, parking brake (1)stopper, parking brake (2)stopper, parking brake (3)spring, parking pawlroller, parking brakepin, roller (6mm)pawl, parking brakeshaft, parking brakecollar, parking shaftpick-up assy., main (tec)sensor assy., positionsensor, positionstay b, position sensor harnessharness, position sensorcover, position sensorbolt, sealing (8mm)washer, lock (6mm)gasket (8mm)collar (8x11)pin, dowel (8x55)roller (2x19.8)bearing, ball (9x20x6)oil seal (9x18x7) (arai)o-ring (7.7x2.3) (arai)o-ring (7.7x2.3) (arai)o-ring (7.7x2.3) (arai)o-ring (34x1.9) (arai)o-ring (19.8x1.9) (arai)o-ring (16x2.1) (nok)o-ring (7.7x1.9) (nok)o-ring (8.5x1.9) (nok)clip a, harness band (129.4mm)(dark gray)washer, plain (6mm)pin, split (1.6x12)circlip (inner) (26mm)circlip (inner) (38mm)bolt, flange (6x12)bolt, flange (6x16)bolt, flange (6x20)bolt, flange (6x35)bolt, flange (6x55)bolt, flange (6x60)
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