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2004 civic SI 3 DOOR 5MT HEADLIGHT (
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wire, side turnheadlight unit, r.nut, specialbulb, headlight (hb3) (12v 60w) (sylvania)bulb, headlight (hb4) (12v 51w) (philips)cover, rubbercover, rubberheadlight unit, l.bulb, wedge base (wy 12v 5w) (amber) (stanley)bulb (12v 3.8w 2cp)socket (t20 s) (amber)bulb, wedge (12v 21w) (amber) (stanley)socket (t10)socket (t10)socket (t10)lamp unitlamp unitbulb (12v 5w 3cp) (stanley)tapping, special (5x18)grommet, screw (5mm)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)
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