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2004 element EX(4WD,SD A/B) 5 DOOR 5MT VTC OIL CONTROL VALVE diagram
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seal a, valve stem (nok)seal b, valve stem (nok)gasket, cylinder head (ishino gasket)gasket, cylinder head (nippon leakless)valve assy., spoolfilter assy., spool valvecover, vtec spool valvevalve assy., vtc oil controloil seal, control valvebolt, vtc solenoidstrainer assy., vtcfilter assy., vtcswitch assy., valve timing oilpressurebolt-washer (11x155)bolt, stud (10x39.5)o-ring (13x1.5)bolt, stud (8x32)pin, dowel (14x20)pin, dowel (14x20)bolt, flange (6x10)bolt, flange (6x20)bolt, flange (6x20)bolt, flange (6x55)
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