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2004 s2000 S2000 2 DOOR 6MT HEADLIGHT (2) diagram
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headlight unit, r.nut, specialnut, speciallabel, cautionscrew, special tappingseal, gasketbolt, tapping (5x16)bulb (hid d2s)adaptercontrol unitcover, rubbercover, r. backigniter, hido-ringwireheadlight unit, l.cover, l. backbulb (12v 5w) (stanley)bulb (wy5w 12v5w)bulb (wy5w 12v5w)plug, socketbulb (t20) (12v 21w) (koito)lamp unit, r. side turnlamp unit, l. side turnsocket (t10)socket (t10)socketbulb, headlight (12v 55w h1) (osram/philips)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)
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