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2005 civic SI 3 DOOR 5MT TAILGATE diagram
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tailgate (dot)hinge, tailgatespoiler assy., tailgate *b92p*spoiler assy., tailgate *nh623m*spoiler assy., tailgate *nh578*spoiler assy., tailgate *b520p*snap (black)weatherstrip, tailgatelock, tailgatehandle assy., tailgatestriker assy., tailgaterod, tailgate cylinderstay assy., r. tailgate openstopper, tailgatecable, tailgate openercylinder, trunkholder, rod (yellow)stay assy., l. tailgate openactuator assy., tailgatescrew-washer (3x22)bolt-washer (6x12)bolt, spoiler (6x10)bolt-washer (8x20)bolt, tailgate lockstud, ballstud-ball, tailgatebolt, lock strikernut (6mm)nut, license plateclip, license garnishfastener b, spoilerclip, connector (orange)clip, connector (orange)bolt-washer (6x16)nut-washer (6mm)nut-washer (8mm)plug, blind (20mm)washer, plain (8mm)bandwashercover, r. license lightnut, flange (6mm)plug, tailgate drain
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