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2005 element LX(4WD) 5 DOOR 5MT REAR BRAKE (DISK) diagram
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caliper set, rr.bearing assy., rr. hub unithub assy., rr.disk, rr. brake drum incap, maintenance holecaliper sub-assy., r. rr.caliper sub-assy., r. rr. (rmd)caliper sub-assy., l. rr. (rmd)caliper sub-assy., l. rr.pad set, rr.pistonspring, padpin aretainerretainerpin bscrew, bleedercap, bleeder screwbolt, flange (8x22)bolt, flange (8x22)bolt, flange (10x30)bolt, wheel (rocknel fastener)bolt, rr. hub bearingscrew, flat (6x14)bearing assy., rr. hub unitshim set, rr.
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