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2005 element LX(4WD) 5 DOOR 5MT MT TRANSFER (4WD) diagram
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holder, transfertransfer assy.shaft, transfergear set, transfer hypoidspacer, transfercollar, transferwasher, spring (22mm)washer, spring (22mm)shim (25mm) (1.70)shim (25mm) (1.73)shim (25mm) (1.76)shim (25mm) (1.79)shim (25mm) (1.82)shim (25mm) (1.85)shim (25mm) (1.88)shim (25mm) (1.91)shim (25mm) (1.94)shim (25mm) (1.97)shim (25mm) (2.00)shim (25mm) (2.03)shim (25mm) (2.06)shim (25mm) (2.09)shim (25mm) (2.12)shim (25mm) (2.15)shim (25mm) (2.18)shim (25mm) (2.21)shim (25mm) (2.24)flange, companionshim a (76mm) (1.20)shim b (76mm) (1.23)shim c (76mm) (1.26)shim d (76mm) (1.29)shim e (76mm) (1.32)shim f (76mm) (1.35)shim g (76mm) (1.38)shim h (76mm) (1.41)shim j (76mm) (1.44)shim k (76mm) (1.47)shim l (76mm) (1.50)shim m (76mm) (1.53)shim n (76mm) (1.56)shim p (76mm) (1.59)shim r (76mm) (1.62)shim s (76mm) (1.65)shim t (76mm) (1.68)shim u (76mm) (1.71)shim w (76mm) (1.74)shim x (76mm) (1.77)shim y (76mm) (1.80)shim z (76mm) (1.83)shim aa (76mm) (1.86)shim ab (76mm) (1.89)shim ac (76mm) (1.92)shim ad (76mm) (1.95)shim ae (76mm) (1.98)shim af (76mm) (2.01)shim ag (76mm) (2.04)shim ah (76mm) (2.07)shim aj (76mm) (2.10)shim ak (76mm) (2.13)shim al (76mm) (2.16)shim am (76mm) (2.19)shim an (76mm) (2.22)shim ap (76mm) (2.25)shim ar (76mm) (2.28)shim as (76mm) (2.31)shim at (76mm) (2.34)shim au (76mm) (2.37)shim aw (76mm) (2.40)shim ax (76mm) (2.43)shim ay (76mm) (2.46)shim az (76mm) (2.49)shim ba (76mm) (2.52)shim bb (76mm) (2.55)shim bc (76mm) (2.58)shim bd (76mm) (2.61)shim be (76mm) (2.64)shim bf (76mm) (2.67)shim a (35mm) (0.72)shim b (35mm) (0.75)shim c (35mm) (0.78)shim d (35mm) (0.81)shim e (35mm) (0.84)shim f (35mm) (0.87)shim g (35mm) (0.90)shim h (35mm) (0.93)shim i (35mm) (0.96)shim j (35mm) (0.99)shim k (35mm) (1.02)shim l (35mm) (1.05)shim m (35mm) (1.08)shim n (35mm) (1.11)bolt, flange (10x113)nut, hex. (22mm)nut, hex. (22mm)bearing, taper (25x57x16.25)bearing, special taper (40x76.2x16)bearing, taper (35x62x21)bearing, taper (27x50.3x14.2) (ntn)oil seal (40x56x9) (nok)o-ring (23x2.6) (nok)o-ring (92x2.2) (arai)o-ring (92x2.2) (arai)ring, back-up (23mm)pin, dowel (10x12)pin, dowel (10x20)bolt, flange (6x18)
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