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2005 insight DX 3 DOOR CVT SELECT LEVER diagram
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bulb (14v 1.4w)switch assy., parking pin & indicator lampsolenoid assy., at shift lock (keihin)cushion, shift lock stopperstopper, shift lockrelease, shift lockclamp bknob, select lever *nh167l*knob, push *nh167l*spring, push knobbush, knob settingring, select knob *nh167l*bracket, basecover, select leverwire, controlclamp, change wireescutcheon, console *yr277l*lid, escutcheon *yr277l*bolt-washer (6x16)nut, flange (8mm)bolt-washer (8x30)screw, oval (5x8)screw, oval (5x8)
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