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2005 s2000 S2000 2 DOOR 6MT SOFT TOP FRAME diagram
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weatherstrip, r. center pillar(outer)cap, r. weatherstrip center pillar (outer)weatherstrip, l. center pillar(outer)cap, l. weatherstrip center pillar (outer)weatherstrip, r. roof side doorweatherstrip, r. roof corner doorweatherstrip, r. center pillarweatherstrip, l. roof side doorweatherstrip, l. roof corner doorweatherstrip, l. center pillarretainer, r. roofretainer, r. roof cornerretainer, r. center pillarretainer, l. roofretainer, l. roof cornerretainer, l. center pillartank assy., r. drainpipe, r. drain (lower)plug, draintank assy., l. drainpipe, l. drain (lower)handle, soft topplate, holder soft topscrew, grommet (4mm)screw, grommet (4mm)screw, grommet (4mm)screw, grommet (4mm)screw, grommet (4mm)trim, soft toprivetrivetrivetrivetrivetrivetplate a, r. setplate a, l. setplate b, setmufflertape, sealstopper c, r. linkstopper c, l. linkstopper b, linkguide, r. cableguide, l. cablebandband set, plateband set, platetapetrim, coverframeframeframeframeframetape, protectiontape a, sealcover, r. fr. bowcover, l. fr. bowcap, endtape b, sealtape b, sealprotector, r. soft top roof aprotector, r. soft top roof brivetprotector, l. soft top roof aprotector, l. soft top roof bseal, tape (c)seal, tape (d)seal, tape (e)
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