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2006 cr-v EX(2WD) 5 DOOR 5AT REAR HATCH GLASS diagram
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stay set, r. glass hatch openstay set, l. glass hatch openglass assy., rr. windshield (privacy)(nippon sheet glass)bracket, high mount stop lightbracket, high mount stop lightgarnish, rr. windshield harnessmolding, rr. windshieldweatherstrip, glass hatchhinge assy., r. hatchhinge assy., l. hatchstriker assy., glass hatchknob, glass hatchstopper, glass hatchemblem, rr. (h)nut, glass hatch open staybolt, glass hatchbolt, glass hatchbolt, glass hatchscrew, flat (6x12)spacer, glass hatch hingenut-washer (6mm)
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