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2006 element EX-P(4WD,SD A/B) 5 DOOR 5MT FUEL PIPE diagram
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hose a, fuel feedhose b, fuel feedbracket, fuel feed hosecover a, fuel connector (black)cover a, fuel connector (black)clamp b, fuel hose (natural)cover b, fuel connector (black)clamp, fuel hose (black)canister assy.filter, dustretainerseparator, canister dustbracket, dust separatorbracket, canisterbolt, canister mounting (8mm)tube a, dust separatortube b, dust separatortube, canister drainclip, pressure sensor tube (black)tube assy., atmosphericcover, canisterretainer (green) (tokai)retainer (green) (tokai)retainer (orange) (tokai)retainer (orange) (tokai)retainer (blue green) (tokai)retainer (white) (sanoh)tube, purgejoint, drain tubestay b, fuel pipestay c, fuel pipestay e, fuel pipesensor, vent pressureo-ringo-ringclamp, fuel tube (d15.5)clip, drain tuberubber a, fuel pipe insulatorclip, drain tubeclamp d, fuel pipeclamp d, fuel pipeclamp d, fuel pipeclamp c, fuel pipeclamp c, fuel pipeclamp a, fuel pipeclamp a, fuel pipeclip a, fuel pipebolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)nut, flange (8mm)pipe assy., fuelclip, side apron moldinghose assy., fuel purgestay a, fuel pipejoint, purge
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