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2007 civic DX 2 DOOR 5AT COUNTERSHAFT diagram
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holder, idle shaftcountershaftset, low geargear, countershaft lowgear, parkinggear, countershaft secondgear, countershaft thirdgear, countershaft fifthgear, countershaft reversegear, reverse idleshaft, reverse idle gearselector, reverse gearhub, selectornut, flange (24mm) (left hand thread)washer, spring (24mm)cotter (29mm)cotter (29mm)collar (33.2x40x26)collar (33x45x7.8)ring, snap (33mm)bearing, needle (33x39x26.5)bearing, needle (33x39x26.5)bearing, needle (36x42x17)bearing, needle (15x20x16)o-ring (8.1x4) (nok)o-ring (8.1x4) (nok)bolt, flange (8x25)
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