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2007 civic SI(SUM TIRE) 2 DOOR 6MT WATER PUMP (2.0L) diagram
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plate, egr portpassage, egrgasket, egr passagegasket, egr valve (ishino gasket)water pumpgasket, water pumpseal, thermostat cover (nippon thermostat)case, thermostat (fuji seiko)o-ring (43.8x3.1)seal, thermostat case (nippon thermostat)seal, thermostat case (fuji seiko)passage, waterjoint, oil coolersensor assy., water temperature (keihin)bolt, special (6x19) (nippon thermostat)bolt, special (6x28)nut, specialo-ring (9.5x1.9)o-ring (13.5x3.5)bolt, drain plug (14mm)bolt, stud (10x60)bolt, stud (10x100)nut, flange (8mm)nut, flange (10mm)nut, flange (10mm)washer, drain plug (14mm)bolt, flange (6x25)bolt, flange (8x25)bolt, flange (8x45)bolt, flange (10x105)bolt, flange (6x14)
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