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2008 accord EXL-V6 2 DOOR 6MT INTAKE MANIFOLD (V6) diagram
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gasket, in. manifoldseal, bore platecover, in. manifold (upper)gasket, in. manifold cover (upper)gasket, in. manifold cover (upper)actuator assy., bypass valvegasket, bypass valve actuatormanifold, in.pipe, egrbolt, special flange (6x18)bolt, stud (6x14)bolt, stud (6x14)bolt, stud (8x50)bolt, stud (8x50)nut, flange (6mm)nut, flange (6mm)nut, flange (8mm)bolt, flange (6x35)bolt, flange (8x65)bolt, socket (6x20)
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