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2008 civic SI(NAV) 2 DOOR 6MT WATER HOSE (2.0L) diagram
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hose, oil cooler in.hose, oil cooler outlethose, bypass inlethose, throttle body in.hose, throttle body outletpipe, heaterclip, hose (18.7mm)clip, hose (18.7mm)clip, hose (18.7mm)clip, hose (18.7mm)clamp, water hose (21.7mm) (chuo spring)clamp, water hose (21.7mm) (chuo spring)hose a, breather heaterstay a, engine harnessbolt, special (6x20.5) (guide)o-ring (19.3x3.8)clamp, tube (d12.5)clamp, tube (d12.5)clamp, tube (d12.5)clamp, tube (d12.5)clamp, tube (d12.5)clamp, tube (d12.5)bolt, flange (8x16)
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