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2008 fit BASE 5 DOOR 5MT FLOOR MAT diagram
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insulator, dashboard (outer)plate assy., dashboard insulator (outer)insulator, dashboardinsulator, r. fr. floorcarpet *nh167l*insulator, l. fr. floorgarnish assy., r. fr. side *nh167l*garnish assy., r. rr. side *nh167l*garnish assy., l. fr. side *nh167l*garnish assy., l. rr. side *nh167l*nut, paint cutting (6mm)clip, dashboard insulatorclip, dashboard insulatorclip, guide insulatorclip, dashboard insulator (lower/outer)clip, dashboard insulator (lower/outer)clip, door lining (natural)clip, door lining (natural)
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