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2008 s2000 BASE 2 DOOR 6MT HEADLIGHT diagram
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headlight unit, r.nut, specialnut, speciallabel, cautionscrew, special tappingseal, gasketbolt, tapping (5x16)bulb (hid d2s)adaptercontrol unitcover, rubbercover, r. backigniter, hido-ringwireheadlight unit, l.cover, l. backbulb (12v 5w) (stanley)bulb (wy5w 12v5w)plug, socketbulb (t20) (12v 21w) (koito)lamp unit, r. side turnlamp unit, l. side turnsocket (t10)socketbulb, headlight (h1) (12v 55w)bolt-washer (6x16)bolt-washer (6x16)
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