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2008 s2000 BASE 2 DOOR 6MT MT COUNTERSHAFT (KA) diagram
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countershaftgear, secondary drivegear, countershaft lowgear set, countershaft secondgear, countershaft reversesleeve set, reverse hubring, blocking (50s)spring, synchronizer (50mm)collar, distance (31x40x38x51x5)washer, spring (29mm)nut (29mm)nut, hex. (27mm)washer, spring (27mm)ring, snap (68mm)bearing, ball (28x68x18)bearing, needle (34x56x20)bearing, needle (30x64x20)bearing, needle (38x43x26) (ntn)bearing, needle (51x57x23)bearing, needle (44x50x28)damper, friction (low) (koyo)
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