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2008 s2000 CR 2 DOOR 6MT PILLAR GARNISH diagram
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label, fusestopper, glove box lidlabel, hardtop informationlining, r. cowl side *nh167l*lining, l. cowl side *nh167l*garnish assy., fr. roof rail *nh167l*sunvisor assy., r. *nh167l*sunvisor assy., l. *nh167l*seal agarnish set, r. fr. pillar *nh167l*garnish, r. rr. side *nh167l*base, r. brushgarnish set, l. fr. pillar *nh167l*garnish, l. rr. side *nh167l*base, l. brushscrew-washer (5x20)screw-washer (5x20)hook, maleclip, garnishclip, trim (7mm) *nh167l*clip, trim (7mm) *nh167l*clip, washer mouthclip, door lining (natural)clip, door lining (natural)clip, door lining (natural)clip, pillar garnish (black)grommet, screw (4mm)screw, tapping (4x12) (po)screw, tapping (4x16) (po)nut, flange (6mm)
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