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2009 civic SI(SUM TIRE,NAV) 2 DOOR 6MT FOGLIGHT diagram
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bulb (h11) (12v 55w) (koito)foglight unit, r.foglight unit, l.nut, spring (5mm)screw, tapping (5x16)screw, special tapping (5x16)garnish, r. *b561p*garnish, r. *nh578*garnish, r. *nh700m*garnish, r. *nh731p*garnish, r. *nh737m*garnish, r. *r513*garnish, r. *yr577p*garnish, l. *b561p*garnish, l. *nh578*garnish, l. *nh700m*garnish, l. *nh731p*garnish, l. *nh737m*garnish, l. *r513*garnish, l. *yr577p*
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