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2009 s2000 BASE 2 DOOR 6MT CAMSHAFT - CAM CHAIN diagram
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gear assy., cam in.gear assy., ex. camcamshaft, in.plate, tdc pulseplate, cambolt, sealing (14mm)bolt, sealing (14mm)camshaft, ex.sprocket, cam chain drivenchain (138l)shaft, idler gearcollar, idle geargear, cam idlertensioner, cam chainset pino-ring ao-ring bo-ring carm, cam chain tensionerguide, cam chainbolt, flange (6x16)bolt, tensioner pivotnut, flange (18mm)nut, flange (18mm)washer (13.6x34x4)o-ring (16.3x1.5)key, woodruff (13x12)key, woodruff (13x12)bolt, flange (6x25)bolt, flange (6x25)roller (2x8)roller (2x8)
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