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2009 s2000 CR(WITH AC) 2 DOOR 6MT FRONT BULKHEAD diagram
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plate, r. bulkhead crossmember(lower)member set, r. dashboard (upper)plate, l. bulkhead crossmember(lower)member set, l. dashboard (upper)wheelhouse sub-set, r. fr.wheelhouse sub-set, l. fr.frame, bulkhead (upper)stay, bulkhead centercrossmember, fr. (lower)wheelhouse, r. fr.member, r. fr. wheelhouse (upper)stiffener, r. fr. shock absorberbracket, open staybracket, rod holderbase, batterybase, battery settingwheelhouse, l. fr.member, l. fr. wheelhouse (upper)stiffener, l. fr. shock absorberframe, r. fr. sideframe, r. fr. sideplate, r. fr. sidestiffener, r. fr. sidestiffener, r. fr. side (b)crossmember, fr. (upper)plate, fr. (upper)frame, l. fr. sideframe, l. fr. sideplate, l. fr. sidestiffener, l. fr. sidestiffener, l. fr. side (b)dashboard (upper)dashboard (lower)bolt-washer (8x20)bolt-washer (8x20)bolt-washer (6x12)
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