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2010 civic SI(NAV) 2 DOOR 6MT INNER PANEL - FLOOR PANELS diagram
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pillar set, r. fr. (lower) (inner)pillar set, l. fr. (lower) (inner)pillar, r. fr. (upper) (inner)rail, r. roof sidepanel, r. rr. insideseparator, rr. pillar insideextension, r. rr. wheel archwheelhouse, r. rr.pillar, l. fr. (upper) (inner)rail, l. roof sidepanel, l. rr. insideextension, l. rr. wheel archwheelhouse, l. rr.floor, fr.sill, r. fr. insidesill, l. fr. insidestiffener, rr. jackframe, r. rr.stiffener b, r. rr. floor sideframe b, r. rr.bracket, r. rr. bumper beamgusset, r. rr. panelpatch, r. rr. frameframe, l. rr.stiffener b, l. rr. floor sideframe b, l. rr.bracket, l. rr. bumper beamgusset, l. rr. panelpatch, l. rr. framecrossmember, middle floorgusset, r. middle floor crossmembercrossmember, r. rr. floor (upper)crossmember, rr. floorgusset, l. middle floor crossmembercrossmember, l. rr. floor (upper)shelf, rr. parcelgusset, r. rr. bulkheadgusset, l. rr. bulkheadgusset, rr. floor crossmember (upper)bolt, flange (8x22) (8.5mm)bolt, flange (6x15)bolt, flange (6x15)bolt, flange (14x26)bolt, flange (14x26)bolt-washer (8x20)bolt-washer (8x20)nut, flange (10mm)patch b, r. rr. framepatch b, l. rr. framepanel set, r. rr. insidestiffener, r. rr. shock absorberpanel set, l. rr. insidestiffener, l. rr. shock absorber
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