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2011 accord EXL-V6(NAVI) 2 DOOR 6MT MT COUNTERSHAFT (V6) diagram
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countershaftgear, countershaft lowgear set, countershaft secondgear, countershaft fifthgear, countershaft thirdgear, countershaft fourthgear, countershaft sixthgear, countershaft reversecollar, distance (43x52x23)shim a (35mm) (0.87)shim aa (35mm) (0.91)shim b (35mm) (0.95)shim ab (35mm) (0.99)shim c (35mm) (1.03)shim ac (35mm) (1.07)shim d (35mm) (1.11)shim ad (35mm) (1.15)shim e (35mm) (1.19)shim ae (35mm) (1.23)shim f (35mm) (1.27)shim af (35mm) (1.31)shim g (35mm) (1.35)shim ag (35mm) (1.39)shim h (35mm) (1.43)shim ah (35mm) (1.47)shim j (35mm) (1.51)shim aj (35mm) (1.55)shim k (35mm) (1.59)shim ak (35mm) (1.63)shim l (35mm) (1.67)shim al (35mm) (1.71)shim m (35mm) (1.75)shim am (35mm) (1.79)shim n (35mm) (1.83)shim an (35mm) (1.87)shim p (35mm) (1.91)shim ap (35mm) (1.95)shim q (35mm) (1.99)bolt, special (20x25)bearing, ball (30x75x23)bearing, needle (54x59x23)bearing, needle (52x57x23)
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