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2011 civic SI(NAV) 2 DOOR 6MT WHEEL DISK (KA) diagram
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weight, balance (10g)weight, balance (10g)nut, wheel (chrome plated) (fuse rashi)nut, wheel (chrome plated) (fuse rashi)valve, rim (schrader)sensor assy., tpmssensor assy., tpmsnut, tpms valvewasher, tpms valvegrommetcap, valvecore, valvedisk, aluminum wheel (17x7j) (tpms) (enkei)tire (215/45r17) (91y) (goodyear)tire (p215/45r17) (87v)(michelin pilot hx mxm4)tire, temporary (t135/80d16) (101m)(tracompa-2) (bs)tire, temporary (t135/80d16) (101m) (kenda)
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