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2011 civic MX(HYBRID) 4 DOOR CVT IMA MOTOR diagram
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housing assy.housing, motorcover, drainstator assy.rotor assy.spacer, rotorbase, terminalcable assy., motorcover, terminalsensor assy., resolverstay, laf sensorbolt, special (8x22)bolt, special (8x15)bolt, flange (6x12) (for busbar)bolt (12mm)bolt-washer (6x20)bolt-washer (6x20)bolt-washer (6x20)bolt-washer (6x16)pin, dowel (14x20)pin, dowel (14x20)pin, dowel (8x14)pin, dowel (8x14)bolt, flange (6x12)bolt, flange (6x20)bolt, flange (8x20)
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