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frame, r. fr. seatlever, fr. seat cushion slidesub-wire, r. fr. seat-back opdscover, r. fr. seat-back opdssensor assy., weight (outer)sensor assy., weight (inner)opds unitcover, fr. cushion (outer) *nh167l* (sws)band aband aboard, protectcap, rail end (upper)cap, rail end (upper)cover, fr. cushion (inner) *nh167l* (sws)bolt, torx (8x15.7)bolt, torx (8x15.7)bolt, torx (8x15.7)bolt, torx (8x15.7)bolt-washer (10x27)bolt-washer (10x27)screw, truss (6x12)clip, garnishclip, garnishclip, garnishclip, connector (natural)clip, harness band (151.5mm) (natural)clip, harness band holderclip, harness band holderclip, harness band (164.5mm) (dark blue)clip, harness band (164.5mm) (dark blue)clip, pillar garnish (light green)clip, pillar garnish (light green)
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