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2011 cr-z EX(NV) 3 DOOR CVT TAILGATE diagram
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tailgate (dot)weatherstrip, tailgatelock assy., tailgatecover, tailgateswitch assy., tailgate openerstriker assy., tailgatestay assy., r. tailgate open (coo)stopper, r. trunk lid (lower)stopper, l. trunk lid (lower)stopper, tailgatemolding assy., r. tailgate cornerstay assy., l. tailgate open (coo)molding assy., l. tailgate cornerbolt, flange (6x16)bolt, flange (6x15)stud, ballstud, ballbolt, lock strikernut-washer (10mm)plug, trunk drainclip, hood seal rubberclip, connector (orange)plug, blind (25mm)
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