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2012 cr-z EX 3 DOOR CVT FUEL TANK diagram
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tank set, fuelnut & gasket set, fuel lockcirclipcirclipcirclipcirclipprotector, l. fuel tankprotector, r. fuel tankband, fuel tank mountingband, fuel tank mountingbolt-washer (10x25)bolt-washer (10x25)bolt-washer (10x35)bolt-washer (10x35)pipe assy., fuel fillercover, fuel filler pipecap, fuel filler (toyoda)retainer (natural) (tokai)retainer (white) (sanoh)retainer (green) (tokai)tube a, vent returncap assy., floor maintenance holebolt, ground (6x16)bolt, ground (6x16)bolt, ground (6x16)clip, fender (inner)clamp, fuel pipeclip, fuel filler capclamp a, fuel tubegrommet, screw (5mm) (black)screw, tapping (5x12)
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