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2013 fit STD 5 DOOR 1AT DRIVESHAFT diagram
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driveshaft assy., r.driveshaft assy., l.joint, inboardjoint set, inboardset-ring (28x2.0)band b, driveshaft (nippon hatsujo)band b, driveshaft (nippon hatsujo)band, joint boot (double rolled band)band, joint boot (double rolled band)band c, driveshaft (nippon hatsujo)band c, driveshaft (nippon hatsujo)band, shaft boot (double rolled band)band, shaft boot (double rolled band)ring b, stopperring b, stoppercirclip (24mm) (gkn)circlip (24mm) (gkn)nut, spindle (22mm)nut, spindle (22mm)
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