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stay set, r. tailgate open (coo)stay set, l. tailgate open (coo)tailgate (dot)hinge, tailgateweatherstrip, tailgatelock assy., tailgatehandle assy., tailgatestriker assy., tailgatebracket, r. tailgate open staystopper, tailgatecable, tailgate openerbracket, l. tailgate open stayspoiler assy., tailgate *b579p*lid, r. tailgate spoiler *b579p*lid, l. tailgate spoiler *b579p*bolt, special (6mm)bolt, special (6mm)bolt, flange (6x14)bolt, flange (6x14)bolt, tailgate lockbolt, flange (6x15)stud, ballbolt, lock strikergrommet, screwplug, trunk drainclip, tailgate garnish (natural)screw, tapping (5x16) (po)nut, flange (6mm)nut-washer (10mm)bolt, flange (6x16)spoiler kit, tailgate
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